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More Than Just an Egg

Scrambled, over easy, poached, sunny side up, egg in a hole, hard boiled, what's your favorite? Eggs are great because they are so versatile in how you can prepare and eat them. Whether its scrambled for breakfast or an over-easy egg on a sandwich for dinner, you can adapt them to whatever you need them to be. As you're doing your wellness journey, experimenting and trying new things is an essential part of it. Whether you're using eggs or fruit/vegetables, there are many ways to make a meal. You can incorporate an ingredient (that you don't like) in a meal in a very different way (that you do like). Take the time to think about your ingredients and do some research on different ways they can be used. Just like an egg, there is bound to be at least more than one way to prepare the ingredients. Bonus: Did you know that a few drops of vinegar in boiling water will make hard-boiled eggs easier to peel?


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