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“Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you're right.”
– Henry Ford

Wellness Coaching

Our Wellness programs are personalized to you and designed to bring accountability and possibility into your routine. 

Working with a wellness coach greatly improves your chances at successfully reaching your health goals. Think about how many times you've set out alone to achieve a goal. Maybe it was to lose weight or to improve blood pressure. Now here is the important question: did you reach that goal AND did you sustain the result long-term? 

There are many things that prevent us from achieving our health goals, here are a few: 

  1. Lack of accountability & follow up

  2. Failure to own what is

  3. Stopping after a perceived setback

  4. Lack of a support system & encouragement

  5. Thought distortions & misinformation

  6. Unrealistic expectations

  7. Lack of planning and goal setting

  8. Excuses

Do some of these look familiar? That's why we are here! 

The number one way to ensure success when taking on a healthy lifestyle, is to have a partner; and the best partners are those who have the wisdom and the experience to walk along side you. Our health coaches have proven to be an excellent partner for thousands of people just like you. They will hold you capable to the wellness lifestyle you say you want. 

Why work with a Wellness Coach

Get Started

Our Program

90-Day Intensive

Pricing: Relative to Your Wellness Score

This 12-week coaching program is designed to help you take those first steps toward a healthier you. You and your coach will identify your top health goals and leverage our wellness framework to make progress towards them. 


  • Dedicated Wellness Coach

  • Exclusive Get Started Kit with Supplements & MyZone 

  • Tailored Focuses and Action Items based on individual goals

  • (12) 60-Minute Coaching Sessions (held weekly)

  • Customized Nutritional Guidance

  • Digital Food Journal

  • Wellness Score to measure progress (includes bloodwork and Functional & Physiological Evaluations)


Grads, have you heard about our new Wellness Concierge Program? 

Continued Coaching and support designed to keep you on-track

The Second Step | Wellness Checkpoint Pricing: $349

Knowing where you are helps you navigate where you want to go. An effective barometer for health is actually knowing how it scores. By looking at your physiology and function, we can evaluate your biomarkers of health and provide you a grade (A thru F). This gives you a baseline and starting point for the journey ahead. 


  • Dedicated Wellness Coach

  • 60-Minute Health Consultation with Wellness Coach

  • Comprehensive Bloodwork

  • Functional & Physiological Evaluations

  • 45-Minute Results & Recommendations Call with Wellness Coach

Working with a Wellness Coach

The First Step | Wellness Consultation Pricing: $0

Embarking on your journey with The Wellness Progression begins with a pivotal first step: a comprehensive wellness consultation with Dr. Brian Hester. This personalized session is your opportunity to discuss your current health status, delve into your lifestyle choices, and outline your aspirations for wellbeing. Dr. Brian's expertise will guide you in identifying areas of improvement and formulating a tailored strategy to achieve your health objectives. What's even more motivating is that the consultation fee for this session will be seamlessly credited towards the Wellness Score fee, should you choose to advance further in the program. It's not just a consultation; it's the foundation of your wellness journey.


  • 30-Minute complimentary tele-consultation

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