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What is a Tower Garden?

Grow Your Own Food at Home!

Over the years we have become increasingly conscious of where our food comes from so we try to buy the best quality fresh produce as close to home as possible, which is from our local farmers market or local organic stores. Now, more than ever, we need to take back control of our own Health and it truly starts with what we eat.  


As spring was coming this year, so was the worldwide Pandemic and complete shutdowns.  It was becoming increasingly clear that it was going to be more and more challenging to get out to get the fresh produce we desire.  We have a burning desire to eat Healthy so getting quality fresh produce is vital.  It is the main source of our diet.


We have recently become obsessed with wanting to grow our own “living food.” Gardening outside in Arizona can be expensive and also time consuming however that has all changed now, thanks to discovering the Tower Garden

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Cherry Tomatoes

Why use a Tower Garden?

  • Sustainable living solution

  • Saves money 

  • Reduces carbon footprint 

  • Promotes family participation

  • Encourages healthy eating

  • It is easy and fun to use 

  • You don't need a lot of space

  • Harvest living food daily

  • Provides maximum nutrition

  • No Worries about pesticides

“I have harvested [so] much lettuce and parsley that I donate to the meals-on-wheels program in town”

- Jack

How the Tower Garden Works

You may have heard of Hydroponic Gardening before, which means the roots are suspended in water.  Well, this concept is called Aeroponic Gardening because the roots hang in the air and the water is pumped to the top of the tower and trickles down on a regular schedule.  It is actually a very soothing sound, like a fountain.

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