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Broth, the Easy Way

When you're cooking these recipes or any recipe, you're going to be having some scraps. Bones or vegetable scraps that just have no place in your recipe. You COULD throw them away and be done with it...but we offer an alternative.

When you have bones or vegetable scraps, you can save them in the freezer for later use. What can come out of these scraps is making broth. Broth is used in numerous amounts of meals you eat. It works in your favor to use your own "leftovers" to help you out in your next meal.

Toss onion tops, carrot peels, and mushroom stems in a freezer-safe bag, and have a separate bag for meat scraps and bones. When you have a free moment, put them in a pot and cover them with water. Simmer away and you’ve created a tasty broth!


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