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CRAVINGS. Good or Bad?

During your journey, no matter how far in you are, you're going to be craving some food. We have another tip where we suggest avoiding night cravings but what about during the day? Let's get one thing straight: It's not a bad thing to be craving more food!

Everybody is different and our rates of consumption/nutrition/dietary needs vary! Wellness through food teaches us to eat smaller portions but our stomachs and our needs will not subscribe to that every single day of our life. In fact, it could be an indicator that you need more food in your diet or a nutritional deficiency.

Our recommendation? Honor your body and what it tells you. If you can't NOT eat, you should eat something healthy. What's extremely critical is that wellness does not equate to always being miserable. As long as you're eating with wellness and intention in your mind, then you're good to go.


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