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Don't be too Salty!

You may already be getting your daily amount of salt without realizing it.

"Feel free to season with salt," they say. Did you know foods such as bread, cold cuts, beef jerky, cheese, and crackers are full of sodium? While salt is a staple and an excellent spice in making recipes and food everywhere around the world. Our bodies are delicate ecosystems and have a recommended limit to the amount of salt they should be exposed to day to day. It is advised to be under 3,200 mg a day for a healthy body. Since a lot of the foods we eat contain salt, or like the foods listed earlier that are sodium sources, we recommend reducing your sodium intake. High sodium diets run the risk of higher blood pressure which can lead to heart issues. Making a recipe? See if that ingredient has a reduced sodium or no salt option. Having a sandwich? Try a lettuce wrap. Does your recipe need some extra flavor? Experiment with other spices. You can still have salt and enjoy that delicious sandwich (with bread). Track and monitor what you eat and moderate the amount of salt you consume. That way you can still enjoy your favorite meals without risking your health.


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