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Drink your Tea

You grab your morning cup of coffee (or your afternoon tea), and everything feels better in the world. Matter of fact, your body also thinks the same thing. What turns out to be just a stress-free or energizing drink, actually translates into health benefits that can help you avoid some health risks in the future!

Herbal teas are proven to have antimicrobial components that improve your gut health. Better gut health leads to better body weight regulation, heart health, and defense against diseases and other ailments. So when you're drinking chamomile or black tea, know that you're helping out your whole immune system.

Coffee, when consumed in moderation, also helps. It provides you with a healthy amount of antioxidants which help you defend against illnesses. Remember, this is about coffee that isn't loaded with excessive sweeteners, creams, or syrups. As long as you're under 5 cups a day, you're in the clear for some good nutritional value.


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