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Herbs and Spices do the Trick

There is a negative connotation about healthy food that we need to address. There is talk about healthy equating to being bland or not "flavorful enough". We think it's not that the foods are bland but its how you prepare them that can make or break a dish. From spicy cayenne to the familiar taste of garlic powder, a meal can be taken in a thousand different flavor profiles. Ultimately, you get to choose what flavor works best for you. We can't list every herb and spice, but what we can say is that doing your research will give you the power and confidence to experiment. If you're skeptical, look at all the healthy recipes you find here. Each one is proven to be delicious with its infused flavor. If you try making one without spices, you'll get a wildly different meal and you may not be motivated to eat it again.


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