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Move or Meditate

Undoubtedly so, you're going to have some type of free time in your day. Anywhere between 5 minutes to an hour or two. There is a countless amount of activities to do during your free time, and you should do what you want to do. We challenge and recommend doing at least ONE of these two things once a day.

Move or Meditate. Go for a walk around your neighborhood or take 5 minutes to disconnect from the world. Take your bike on that trail near your house or try and calm your mind by finding a quiet room and being still.

Movement, of course, offers physical and mental benefits. So does meditation but are you familiar with the benefits? Stress, which is already overwhelming, can cause countless amounts of issues like weight gain, erratic blood sugar levels, and susceptibility to sickness. Taking 5, 10, or 15 minutes of meditation or exercise can help counteract and reset yourself.

This tip is about being mindful when you have the time, use it well. Everything adds up. You're either in the positive or the negative.


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