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Plan to Shop

When you grocery shop, how do you typically start shopping? Do you go into the inner aisles and look at the cereal or the freezer section? Or do you have to go to the milk aisle because if you don't you'll forget again? Then again does it really matter?

It does. Your perspective on food extends further from just your kitchen, it also includes grocery shopping for it. When you shop, this is what we suggest: Start from the outer aisles and then go to the inner aisles. The outer aisles will have fresh produce, lean meats like fish, and whole grains. Then, focus on the inner aisles which have frozen fruit, canned beans, and instant oatmeal.

When you shop like that, your mind begins to follow a pattern and recognize something. If you're looking at the fruits and vegetables first, you're more likely to start coming up with recipes/hunger urges/and ideas surrounding these nutritional foods. Once that happens, your wellness journey gets more and more momentum.


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