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Positivity & Mindset

Switching up your mindset, especially at the beginning of your day, will create a lot less friction in your wellness journey. Recipes, tips, mindfulness, and everything in between will require some discipline and trial and error. If it clicks right away, perfect. If it doesn't, don't beat yourself over it.

Our emotions tend to drive our actions. If you're sad/depressed/angry and you suddenly get hungry, you'll likely eat something that isn't good for you. If you're more positive, understanding, and willing to find grace in discipline and stumbling while practicing, you'll be more eager for healthier options. Practice more mindfulness when you're at work or at a restaurant.

Praise yourself every day about the steps you've taken towards your wellness and strive to improve on missteps and mistakes you have made. No one is criticizing you except yourself. Everyone at The Wellness Progression is rooting for you and if you ever need to review our tips and recipes, they are available.


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