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Practicing Gratitude Around Food

"A pre-meal practice of gratitude provides the opportunity to appreciate the time, energy, and effort that was invested in bringing the food from farm to table." —Carla Marie Manly, PhD

You have your meal in front of you. Before you take that first bite, I have a challenge for you. Bear with me for a bit. Take a second to step back. Step all the way back. Trace your food from beginning to end. From the farmers working from the crack of dawn for vegetables and tending cattle to the person (or maybe it's just you) who made the food from something simple into something amazing. Maybe it's just a version of that or maybe you can appreciate it in a different way. It doesn't matter.

Realizing the process and giving gratitude grounds you into a mentality of thankfulness. With food insecurity, food shortages, and people working overtime, it's great to appreciate where your meal came from. It's food for the soul and gives you a better perspective on life.


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