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The Potassium, the Calcium, and the Fiber

Potassium, Calcium, and Fiber. It shouldn't be some type of showdown on which ones you should eat. All three are equally important to your body. How important? And what types of foods can you eat to help increase these vital nutritional sources?

Potassium is the powerhouse for bone health, nerve function, and healthy kidneys. Deficiency can take the form of being tired, constipation, and muscle cramps. How do you get more of it besides bananas? A lot of foods have potassium already in them however if you're looking for sources of it look at spinach, orange juice, tomatoes, avocados, dried raisins, and apricots.

Calcium isn't just about healthy bones it also helps muscle performance, blood clotting, and regulating your heart. If you're deficient then you can expect irregular heartbeats, numbness, and poor appetite. Besides milk, where else can you get more calcium? Yogurt, edamame, almonds, turnips, and kale!

Fiber goes beyond digestive health, it also helps you feel full and control blood sugar. If you are deficient in fiber then common symptoms would be IBS, constipation, and the potential of heart disease. Beans are a great source of Fiber, but what else? Try eating almonds and chia seeds, certain cereals, or dried vegetables.


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