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Wash Your Food

If you haven't already been doing so, you need to start now! Washing your fruits and vegetables isn't for aesthetics, but instead removing anything dangerous to you and your body from the foods you eat. From the farm to the grocery store to your kitchen, your fruits and vegetables can act like sponges. They can be coated from an amalgamation of germs, pesticides, dirt, and other residue. It's safe to say that you don't want to be ingesting all of these bad contaminants. Even if you decide to cook these, some germs can be killed off but not all. What's next then? Rinse and wash your fruits and vegetables under a stream of water and then dry them. This ensures that anything hanging on can be taken off while your fruits and vegetables maintain their integrity and shape. There are specialty washes that you can make or buy to help remove these germs and remove any wax substance from your food. Lastly, if you see a part of your fruit or vegetable that looks rotten or corroded, be sure to cut and remove that piece. Washing can only do so much so don't be afraid to remove a piece if it looks abnormal.


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