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Grass-Fed Whey Chocolate Protein (Individual Servings)

Grass-Fed Whey Chocolate Protein (Individual Servings)


Derived purely from antibiotic-free, non-rBGH grass-fed cow’s milk, Gnarly Whey is a whey protein concentrate that delivers healthy fats, omega-3 acids, and other nutritional essentials that support muscle synthesis and immune health—perfect for replenishing your body after a tough workout.


Added pre and probiotics improve nutrient absorption and support gut health. Our whey also promotes muscle protein synthesis – repairing muscle damage while reducing recovery time. We have included digestive enzymes to promote healthy lactose digestion and improve protein absorption. If your body typically struggles with digesting whey protein, Gnarly Whey may be your solution. Our high-quality ingredients provide a rich flavor and a smooth, non-chalky taste. In fact, our protein is so damn good, it even tastes delicious mixed in water. #ProveUsWrong

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